To those who are fighting every day towards a better future for themselves and their children, the goal is simple.  As humans, we all want to prosper.  Having grown up in a struggling single-parent family, I understand the burden of income insecurity.  I have always had a keen interest in the progress of developing countries, and it came naturally to pair a minor in Development and Environmental Economics with a B.S. degree in Applied Ecology as an undergraduate at California State University, Chico.  Over the past 12 years, I’ve worked in the financial sector, organic agriculture, international commodity research, environmental consulting and applied conservation.

To me, the word prosperity bespeaks something greater than wealth; it embodies a fullness of life, a vivacity, a state of wellness and security that is very distinct from net worth.  Without economic stability, we don’t often have the foundation to build a well-rounded and satisfying life.  We are denied opportunities to venture out, to learn by trial, to change course, when each day is a struggle to survive.  I want to empower others to escape that reality, and to make bold choices about their future.

Outside of work, I am an explorer at heart. Backpacking has taken me through some awe-inspiring landscapes, including a solo trek of the 26-mile Lost Coast Trail (California) in the winter of 2011 that tested every ounce of grit and determination I thought I had. Even when I’m without my tent and canine sidekick, I like to follow the road less traveled, be it in Montana or Nicaragua. I drag my camera everywhere, and am firmly of the opinion that the Law of Large Numbers guarantees I’ll eventually get that National Geographic-worthy shot!